What to expect from wood
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What you see is what you get!
No false promises, what you see is what you get: due to internal stress resulting from these constant adaptations the wood “warps”. This warping can among other things lead to cracking. Colour and structure changes can also appear. These characteristics are typical of the material and by choosing this material you accept them. When delivered, the wooden parts of our products are untreated. Exposure to sun and rain will gradually change their colour to silvery grey, and also roughen the surface. We strongly recommend that you treat your wood regularly with wood oil to protect it from stains and to slow down the roughening process. Along with these downsides, our wood comes with great characteristics: the production of wooden parts consume 60 times less energy than steel parts, it's extremely durable - by sanding and oiling regularly, our tables easily reach the age of 20, you can barely see when there's dust or dirt at the surface, and it looks warm and feels comfortable in contact with our body. It's up to you!