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Maintenance & cleaning service contract
Maintenance & cleaning service contract
Dirty? Depending on your location and amount of products, our Extremis cleaning team can help you out! Especially for wooden products. Exposure to sun and rain will gradually change the colour of wood into silvery grey, but also roughen the surface. When your table is exposed to intensive use or harsh weather conditions, it will require maintenance more often. We offer a maintenance service, including cleaning, sanding and oiling the wood. Ask for a quotation!
Licence to copy
Licence to copy
Extremis was the first design company to take this new approach to the market: offering consumers a choice between buying the actual product or buying the rights to build one yourself. If consumers source their own materials locally, this is the ultimate ecological production system… No finished goods need to be shipped. Just buy the license, and start building. Imagine the joy a licensed Extremis “tool for togetherness” can bring, having it built by your own hands!